Closet Essential: Denim Jackets

THE DENIM DECISION Nowadays, denim is soaring to universal styling heights by giving us various ways to update our closets. Adapting denim to my wardrobe has made those indecisive moments on what to wear so much easier. The convenience of this traditional fabric is an outfit booster for errand running, date night or brunch with…

Autumn Bites: Tasty Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, we need fuel and energy to start the day off right. Just like you wouldn’t leave the house without your confidence, neither should you start the day on an empty stomach.

Getting In Front of The Camera…Again

The rain slowed down and I just finished my one layer of mascara. As my feet touch the concrete, I knew I was walking not just towards my photo destination but away from something that has been holding me back for years.

Autumn Bites: What’s In Season?

The leaves are falling and our mouths are watering for sweet and savory bites but which fruits and vegetables are at its best for the autumn season?

PFW: Jacquemus La Bomba Collection is WEARABLE High Fashion

Paris Fashion Week rounded off the upcoming trends for SS ’18. Whenever Fashion Week ends, I always feel inspired to embrace new styles. Let’s be real, some looks are hard to wear as a regular person but Jacquemus La Bomba Collection is a MUST TRY!

Holiday 2017 Family Gift Guide

Is it too early to Christmas shop? I think not! What do you plan buying your loved ones this season? Tired of giving ceramic mugs, the typical socks and ties or gift cards. In need of fresh new ideas for men, fathers or anyone in general? Hmmm… I think I have the list just for you…

NYFW: Chromat Caters to the ‘Everyday’ Woman

Fashion Week is a time to get ahead of the latest trends before the next fashionista. Fashion Week is also a chance to take a stance on issues and promote positive vibes through a high-profile platform. Check out Chromat’s latest influences…

How To Deal With Rejection

No, maybe next time, I’ll give you a call, we’ll see… all are phrases we hear knowing it will more than likely lead to rejection. How do we keep moving from a possible “NO” to a “YES” with a stronger attitude?

Style Watch: London Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has ended and now it’s time to see what is happening on the other side of the pond. YES! London Fashion Week has arrived, what will you wear? What designers and trends will captivate us this year? 

12 Ways to Get Inspired

Whether you’re a blogger, writer, musician, chef, fashion designer or artist running out of ideas in the creative field is inevitable but always becomes the pavement to discovering other strengths and creative adventures. How do you stay inspired, what are you tips and tricks?