Lazy-Spring Cardigan


Spring next to Fall is one of my favorite seasons, it calls for a mood change along with the embracing of clean spirits and warm air. I’m motivated by the  feeling of  my cardigan dancing in the wind as I walk. Floral prints play so well against the sun rays and denim jeans paired with bold colors are so attractive in the daylight.
Spring is fresh and a time where  everything is reborn again including your wardrobe. What can you wear to elevate your style to different heights? According to Elle Magazine, robes will be a sassy hit this year! So for all of you laid back gurus who want to leave the house in your jammies, guess what…you are way ahead of the crowd. If you’re like me and you have a fluffy robe, how are you going to pull off this trend?

What is the new cardigan for spring 2017? You’ll be surprised, it’s the hottest new jacket trend!

 Here I designed a look surrounding the robe trend:

So you are looking at a downtown-casual winter to spring transition inspired by my little sister’s style. Cuffed denim and a  graphic tee is the classic look  from the 80’s, blended with the Timberland boots left over from the winter. Adding a silk robe gives an ultra feminine appeal and takes the hardness to a soft tone. I always enjoy bold fashion and one way to make your look eye-catching isn’t necessarily through loud print and colors . Become adventurous and play with textures, mix sophisticated pieces with rough items for example, rugged denim with silk fabric.
Spring Trends 2017: ROBES

MadeWorn graphic shirt

Araks dressing gown
$260 –

Levi’s levi jeans

Edward Bess palette eyeshadow

Mac cosmetic

 Where are the robes?

Online stores like Net-A-Porter, Matchesfashion, Nordstrom and Anthropologie have great fashionable pieces but at an expensive cost. If you’re like me, I want something of fair price, fashion without the guilt of spending. To introduce the robe trend into your wardrobe you need to start off with soft fabrics. In my opinion wearing a fluffy robe may give off the winter vibe so my preference is silk robes. Silk robes are light enough for the spring  and easily accessible for jeans and pencil skirts; meaning you can go from a casual lunch to date night real quick! Below are encouraging examples:
Missguided Kimono Pipped Detail Silk Robe
Brown Leopard Print Kimono Robe - Missguided
Pink Dreamy Striped Silk Robe - Missguided
Satin Kimono | Black | Women | H&M US
Satin Kimono $24.99
Hybrid Jacquard Kimono
Hybrid Jacquard Kimono - Topshop USA

TopShop | Hybrid Jacquard Kimono | $110

Plisse Print Longline Kimono
TopShop Plisse Print Longline Kimono

How do I wear this to work?

Sometimes we want to look fashionable at the workplace, but not all fashion is appropriate attire.  I know you ask, how do I get a quintessential look with a casual trend? How do I transform this lazy piece to work-wear?  The best tip I can give you in achieving this trend as work attire is to buy a silk robe. Silk presents itself as classy and sophisticated, perhaps not pair it with super high stilettos to eliminate the sultry nightclub look.
It’s so easy to throw on a skirt, silk blouse and heels as an outfit to go with your robe. My blog is about breaking barriers, crossing lines and finally being untamed from media’s guidelines and restrictions. I want to suggest a bolder look with an elegant surprise….

Wearable robe trend to work:

Simplicity is the eye of fashion; meaning, the main point or goal of an outfit. If the style doesn’t look simple then it feels too compromised for the fashionista. So I designed a look satisfying someone who wants to step outside their box and into unknown territory: floral and stripes. My favorite looks always consists of loud colors, mixed prints and bold textures. I hope you find inspiration and have an idea of how to wear this trend  to your job:

Style Tip: How To Wear A Robe To Work

Superdry ivory dress
$43 –

Dorothy Perkins kimono robe

Ted Baker crossbody handbag
$120 –


Why I will try the robe trend?

Completely healthy and entirely necessary for us to pop out our comfort bubbles. I like investing in ordinary trends, I find value when I do something that isn’t the typical me. It just sounds strange when you say, “Today, I’m wearing my robe as a cardigan.” It’s those strange trends that take us from regular or dull to STYLISH!

Sometimes a trend arrives like a hot pizza, it sizzles at the moment but before you know it cools down and instantly disappears. Then you have those trends that stick around forever. I think the robe trend could go from generation to generation. Here’s why:

•comfortable and functional
•something you’ll always have
•edgy and unique
•universal-looks good on everyone

We all want comfort with style am I right? We all want to stand out and blend in with the crowd. Robes are making their way out the bathroom and into our daily wardrobe. Use your cotton, silk, satin or lace robe as a cardigan with your elegant attire or dress it down with skinny jeans, pumps and your favorite t-shirt. Robes are universal and very versatile with plenty of styles for all body shapes and sizes. If you find it completely daunting to walk out your house in a bathrobe then try buying a kimono as it is socially and culturally acceptable to wear this style in the non-traditional Japanese way; plus, you get to revel in the delights of the new robe trend!

Let’s Get our Robe or Kimono!

Brands with cheap robes/kimonos:

Overall REMEMBER these important tips!

  1. If you are unsure in how to incorporate the robe trend, wear a kimono.
  2. If you are daring, try your bathrobe with t-shirt and jeans.
  3. If you wear this trend to work, buy a silk robe.
  4. Embrace stepping outside the box, try bold colors and mixed patterns or textures.
  5. Smile and enjoy your own sense of fashion.

One of my favorite forms of self-expression is through fashion. Sure society has set guidelines on what’s appropriate for all body types but my blog Simply Untamed Natonya has no boundaries. I don’t believe we shouldn’t wear certain pieces because some chart says it isn’t flattering for your body. My theory is if you feel good you look good. Fashion depicts your emotions and mood not the other way around, let fashion be a representation of you. I believe you can verbally say nothing and your wardrobe can say everything.

Please tweet me you photos of rocking the robe trend! @SimplyNatonya  #RobeTrend 


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