How To Develop Your Personal Style

The foundation of personal style is embracing your inner beauty.


I could write for hours explaining several wardrobe tips to discover your personal style. Honestly, no piece of fabric, trendy movement or designer handbag will make you fashionable. Of course you heard style is about expressing yourself but you will not meet your full potential until you explore your inner self.


The biggest way to define personal style is to know yourself. I am not referring to acknowledging your favorite color, how you like to rock denim jeans or biker vests, I’m specifically speaking of your inner-being. Identify personality traits, know your strengths and learn how to overcome weaknesses. Most importantly, accept everything about you. 

The foundation of any personal style is derived from inner beauty. Understand God created you as a masterpiece. You are an extraordinary being who was designed to be different yet valuable. We all bring incredible beauty to fashion because we have diverse perspectives. Obtain confidence in your unique physique and flaunt your flaws. If you are someone with a mole in an awkward position on your face, a gap in your teeth, or any other extraordinary birthmarks, know that what you call a flaw is an attribute to beauty. Aspire to be different because it will make you great. The key to strutting your stuff down the streets is simply loving yourself.


Every December, I invest my time into watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I snuggle in my jammies with no makeup, a batch of cookies and cheer on the newcomers while saluting the lingerie vets’ return to their rhinestone stroll. It’s pretty easy to look at their slim frames and feel like you should immediately hit the treadmill. When I watch the star-studded show, I don’t see the models’ bodies. Coming from a spiritual angle, I watch the show with intent to feed my creative appetite, no envy nor insecurities.

Participating as a viewer literally leaves me feeling more empowered. I’m inspired because the girls present this enthusiastic vibe about themselves, their work and genuine love for one another. I learned from the VS models, it is important to enjoy what you are doing and not care what others think.

In fashion, we have to remember models are a vessel to what we’re buying. Companies sometimes sell the model because they want to sell you a lifestyle. We must focus on the clothes if you can’t wear the clothes do not become discourage, use it as a reference for developing a new outfit. Example, some high-end designer pieces don’t fit me but I draw inspiration from couture companies and create an outfit with a low-end brand. Not every designer will have your body shape in mind but know a designer out there is thinking of you, you just have to find the brand.

What are your five tips to discovering personal style?


How many times have you looked at denim shorts and said, “I can’t wear this, I don’t have long legs” or “I’m not curvy enough to wear a bodycon dress”? Clearly the media and fashion industry has this unwritten rule that body types look good in particular pieces. What’s the point of selling to everyone if you’re including certain sizes but excluding specific shapes? Sometimes shopping is a bit frustrating when the clothes don’t align with your body type. We can’t let those moments wear us down, but only build our confidence and creativity skills. I say if you’re a medium and you have to buy a 4XL do it and remember you’re not the same size in every store. Wear what you want to buy, if it fits good then it looks good. A size chart is a guide it does not define you as a person.


Never try to look like someone else, just be inspired by what you see. Being inspired means to let what you see infuse your mind to discover more things about yourself.  Then, take what you learned and develop something new. Positive energy creates positive things. As you learn about yourself, you become secure, making it comfortable to try new things. If you’re into making a fashion statement and want to try an outgoing look, check out the Spring Robe Trend!

Ever wonder how sensational designers such as Alexander Wang, Céline, and Michael Kors sell so many semi-plain items? I believe basic pieces are the starting point in helping us tell a story through our clothes. Use fashion to connect your culture, personality and convey your mood or emotions. Be bold and self-expressive. Be limitless in your creations because you are a person full of ambition, goals and dreams, which bleeds through fashion cultivating your style.


Be fearless in your creations and enjoy not obeying fashion rules. Wave goodbye to fitting into a particular size and say hello to your real body type. Forget the industry’s selling points to what is fashion. Guess what? YOU are fashion. You lead the industry. Brands only create what they think you want or what they want you to desire. Lead by being true to yourself and not conform into some unnatural mold called fashion with a capital “F”. As a leader, I always try to opt for what everyone is NOT wearing because I want to genuinely be different. I find no joy when we all look the same, we should condition our minds to embrace variety because that is how we learn and stay creative.

Be inspired by others, eliminate doubt and jealousy. Learn to motivate yourself in positive ways to strengthen your inner beauty. Stand against the world’s standards and create your own. Become your own witness to greatness. Do not let what brands do change the perception of who you are internally.

I hope I sent some encouragement your way, now I need something from you. Take a photo of you rocking your signature style full of confidence and send it to me via Twitter with #SimplyUntamedNatonya and I’ll share it!


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