How To Deal With Rejection


I wholeheartedly believe life wasn’t designed for us to suffer. Yes, we are meant to experience hardships and learn complicated lessons but for our own good. We are to enjoy life and not allow our circumstances to become our totality. We are bigger than our issues.


For the past two years, I’ve been on a job hunt. I want to break into the fashion industry, whether it’s through public relations, styling or writing. Finding a job is tough let alone working for a high-end brand or magazine. I was discouraged whenever I applied for a job and was turned down. Honestly, it took a while to learn how to rebuild strength in applying to another one.

After graduating from my university, I was so anxious and excited to work. I’d applied to numerous companies, but was rejected by 25+ jobs in less than one year. My heart sank from email after email stating, “we appreciate your interest but we are going to consider other candidates”. Rejection is a self-esteem manipulator if you take it the wrong way. I took rejection as it meant something was wrong with me.


One day I prayed and discovered rejection means another route. I back tracked all those jobs I applied and realized the jobs were not fashion or public relations related. Being so anxious to have a job, I was applying for any job. So, I was upset for no reason. Rejection was the best thing because it led me to blogging and other creative outlets to push me more towards the fashion industry. If I was hired by one of those companies, would I have been happy? Probably not because it wasn’t meant for me.

I was too focused on what others were doing. The fact that some of my peers landed jobs quickly, influenced negative thinking, which made me I needed to find a job quick. Everyone’s journey is different and we all travel at various paces.


I know understand the power of faith and believing everything will work out in your favor. Journeys are designed to bring out the best in you. If everything came easy, we would never know what hard work means and couldn’t fully appreciate how sweet success tastes.



-When situations don’t work out, remain positive because there is something better


-Enjoy the journey and stay away from stress

Don’t Compare

-Never compare your situation to someone else’s, we are all different for a reason

Be Fearless

-Try new things and don’t be afraid of the word “NO”

Let Go of the Past

-Keep it moving so you can embrace potential opportunities, check out my post all about it

How do you overcome rejection? Share your tips so we all can learn 😊



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