When Music & Fashion Collide: Ryan Mules


Welcome to my new male blogger series: #StealHisStlye, which features interviews with some of my favorite fashion male bloggers who effortlessly add their sauce to the fashion industry. These bloggers are game changers and it’s time to give them the spotlight. Iconic and eclectic style is derived from numerous sources, let’s get inspired!  #StealHisStlye will show the evolution and diversity of male fashion and latest styles by trendsetting bloggers.

When it comes to style, Ryan Mules teaches us to not box ourselves into molds or trends. Influenced by indie and hip-hop music, Ryan’s fashion sense is a reflection of eclectic and modern taste. With similar appeal as Pharrell and Tyler, The Creator, Ryan’s look embodies an urban-simplistic mood with an occasional admiration for graphic tees, printed-button-down shirts and a simple snapback hat.  Ryan reveals exactly what fashion means to him:

Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Mules / @ryanmules
Natonya: Hometown?

Ryan Mules: Cardiff, Wales

Natonya: Why did you start fashion blogging?

Ryan Mules: I started blogging mainly as a photo blog on Tumblr (who didn’t?!) a few years back which really broadened my horizons when it came to fashion. After a while I plucked up the courage to write outfit of the day posts which eventually led to my blog being what it is today!

Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Mules / @ryanmules
natonya: Describe your go-to look.

Ryan Mules: My go to look definitely starts with at my shoes. Old Skool Vans are a necessity in my wardrobe and I’ve worn them for years! I also love a good quality denim, especially Levis, so a pair of black 501’s teamed with a plain white tee and a distressed denim jacket would complete my go to look…along with some Vivienne Westwood accessories of course! 

natonya: What is your definition of fashion?

Ryan Mules: To me, fashion is my purest form of expression. It’s a way of making a statement without saying a word, a way of expressing your personality and a way of separating yourself. 

Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Mules / @ryanmules
natonya: Five words to describe your style.

Ryan Mules: Unfiltered, spontaneous, expressive, clean, experimental. 

natonya: Who or where do you get fashion inspo?

Ryan Mules: My main source of fashion inspiration has to be Pharrell. He’s someone I’ve looked up to for a long time and his style has always been his own. Though his style may seem outlandish to some, he’s constantly setting trends and has been throughout his whole career. I really love what he did with Nigo at Billionaire Boys Club and his collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Bape and Adidas have all been amazing. He’s the first person who gave me the confidence to be myself when it comes to style.

Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Mules / @ryanmules
natonya: Favorite designers/stores/brands.

Ryan Mules: Vivienne Westwood of course! Viv will always be a queen in my eyes and I felt so lucky to have worked in her stores at one point. I also really admire what Rei Kawakubo does at Comme Des Garcons as she is constantly pushing boundaries and I love going to Dover Street Market whenever I’m in London. Raf Simons is someone who I am a fan of and recently Gucci have been incredible too!

Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Mules / @ryanmules
natonya: walk out the door without wearing_____?

Ryan Mules: A statement tee. I’ve always been a fan of bold t-shirts and in recent years I’ve managed to build up a small Supreme tee collection which always get tongues wagging. 

natonya: What advice do you give someone trying to discover his or her style?

Ryan Mules: Just be yourself. I honestly can’t give better advice than that! The moment people dress for anybody but themselves is when it starts to go downhill! 

Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Mules / @ryanmules
natonya: What changes would you like to see in the fashion industry?

Ryan Mules: I really wish the fashion industry started to take more of an ethical approach. I’ve tried to make a conscious effort in recent months to buy good quality, ethical clothes where possible. At first I struggled as I was shopping mainly on the high street but thrifting is a great way to start! When buying from designers I like to follow the words of Vivienne Westwood when she said “buy less, spend more.”

Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Mules / @ryanmules

Be sure to take a glance through Ryan Mules to learn more about expressive and spontaneous dressing.


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  1. i like the simplicity of his style! Another great article! Good job! This series is awesome!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. His style is nice and effortless! So happy you like the series 🤗


  2. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    The photos are amazing! I really like his style! So unique! And need to get my bf to dress up better ahah xx corinne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Corinne! Ryan’s style is so different but befitting for him and his personality 🙂


  3. whatismaria says:

    Wow his photographs are amazing and I love this style of clothing! And ‘buy less, spend more’ are definitely rules to live by haha. Great series:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree Maria, investing in quality pieces always up your style game 🤗


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