Model’s Fashion Expertise: David James Seed


Welcome to my new male blogger series: #StealHisStlye, which features interviews with some of my favorite fashion male bloggers who effortlessly add their sauce to the fashion industry. These bloggers are game changers and it’s time to give them the spotlight. Iconic and eclectic style is derived from numerous sources, let’s get inspired!  #StealHisStlye will show the evolution and diversity of male fashion and latest styles by trendsetting bloggers.

David James Seed is tapping into an area rarely touched, style through affordable clothing for men. A  model with an anti-luxury mindset has his eyes on not emptying your wallet for those legendary fashion waves but paving a way to an effortless look for a fraction of an high-end brand’s price. David proves influential style isn’t necessarily achieved by rocking a $300 shirt on Instagram, it’s about owning yourself and naturally creating a trendy outfit people will authentically crave. Found out how his blog was born:

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed
Natonya: Hometown?

David James Seed: Preston, Lancashire. Certainly no tourist attraction, that’s for sure.
I move to Manchester, in a couple of days, for the foreseeable future.

Natonya: Why did you start fashion blogging?

David James Seed: Great question. My background is high-end fashion modelling. I’m signed with Models1 in London and have worked all over the shop. Being involved in the world of fashion modelling, you’re surrounded by brands and people talking about brands. Honestly, that’s something I’ve never really cared for.

Although I’m not a ‘brand guy’, I still cared about fashion. I followed several bloggers online but over time I began to get annoyed. So much of what they would blog about was completely unattainable to the average Joe, “Swipe up to buy!!!”…Mate, that jumper is £200. I’m okay.

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed

For some time now, I’ve found that I get a huge kick out of walking into a supermarket like ASDA, Sainsbury’s or Tesco, flicking through their respective clothing brand (George, Tu, FandF) and finding little gems (I was in George just last night).

There’s a snobby stigma to these brands but they have all upped their game of late and produce some of my favourite clothes. A shirt that would normally look like “a dad’s shirt” but worn in XXL with some skinny jeans and boots, all of a sudden looks really cool.

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed

A bigger kick? Wearing a full supermarket outfit to a casting, such as Ted Baker or Calvin Klein, getting the job and people at the castings complimenting my top, jackets, shoes etc.
An even bigger kick? The disbelief on their faces when I tell them where I got it from and the price!

Mwah ha haaa. I’m the anti-model!!!

There was a gap in the blogging / social media space and so the concept was born.
Originally named “Supermarket Sartorial”, a strictly supermarket fashion blog (suggested by my Uncle Jody). I soon realised there wasn’t enough stock in the supermarkets for the levels of content I needed to produce, so I switched tack slightly and widened my niche to strictly Affordable Fashion, detailing the total cost of the outfit and individual item costs.

And here we are.

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed
natonya: Describe your go-to look.

David James Seed:  Baggy T-shirt. Rolled sleeves.
Black skinny jeans. Rolled at the bottom.
No socks. Brown shoes / or some type of trainer.
Necklace, metal bracelet (right), watch (left), ring (right index).

I lived in Australia for two years. Aussie style had a heavy influence on me, although, it’s not always practical in the UK…

natonya: What is your definition of fashion?

David James Seed:  Fashion is you. Yes, there are trends but you should always put your own mark on it. Switch it up with your own style. As long as you feel comfortable, that’s all that matters.

My catch-phrase: You do you.

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed
natonya: Five words to describe your style.

David James Seed: Clean. Smart. Enjoyable. Affordable. Me.

natonya: Who or where do you get fashion inspo?

David James Seed: I guess I subconsciously see trends etc. Walking through the high-street, TV ads and, of course, social media. I don’t go out of my way. I just wear what I think is cool.
Ryan Gosling is one of my style icons (and man-crush). Effortlessly cool and does the simple things well.

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed
natonya: Favorite designers/stores/brands.

David James Seed: FandF, Forever21, Asos, George, Tu, Primark, Boohoo, H&M.
(Many more, but these are the main ones!)

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed
natonya: walk out the door without wearing?

David James Seed: My £25 bomber jacket from George. There’s not an outfit it doesn’t go with.

natonya: What advice do you give someone trying to discover his or her style?

David James Seed:  I think fashion is so accessible these days. Take a look through Instagram or Pinterest and simply search “men/women fashion” and see what you like. Secondly, step out of your comfort zone a little. Try something new. If you normally wear straight jeans, try the skinnys. If you only wear dark colours, try something a bit more daring and out there, like yellow or pink (check my IG for inspo). Thirdly, do simple well. Simple is always best.

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed
natonya: What changes would you like to see in the fashion industry?

David James Seed: I think the fashion industry will always be very similar. Not much will change. And in my opinion, that’s totally fine. Where I’d like to see change is with the general public’s opinion.

As I show, being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive!!! Save your money and spend it on moments that matter… without having to worry whether your £60 t-shirt is going to get mud all over it at the festival.

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed

And also…

Instagram isn’t real life.It’s often the best version of someone’s life they wish to portray to the world.

For the love of God, please don’t compare yourself to a perfectly photoshopped instagrammer…

NO ONE is perfect.  “You do you”, be positive and smile.

Photo: Courtesy of David James Seed / @davidjamesseed

For tips on affordable looks, don’t forget to visit David James Seed and get style educated.


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  1. Robert bo says:

    pretty cool

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    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂


  2. Supermarket Sartorial! What a name! I love it absolutely! And Chanel Medford agrees that he’s HOOT! Oh gosh…I’m loving his sense of style as well…this was a nice one Natonya honey…

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    1. Yes David has awesome style and he is super friendly!!! Glad you liked this post ❤

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    1. So kind of you, I appreciate it ❤


  3. Yizhang Yin says:

    i become your male blog interview serial’s fan. thanks

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    1. O great ❤ I will make sure to continue the series!


  4. Jade J says:

    Great and inspiring interview! I like how humble and down to earth he seems – my favorite shot is the one where he’s shirtless haha! That should be his go to style.

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    1. Jade he was so nice and very happy to do the interview, it’s so cool to meet a model who is down-to-earth and beats the stereotype 🙂

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  5. girlingamba says:

    I love his style! Definitely can see the Aussie influence! I really liked what he said about fashion is you. That’s really cool. I went to university in New York and it was always so cool to see everyone express themselves in different ways through their clothes. As always, great post!


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    1. I agree, fashion is you, he was speaking the truth on that one 🙂 I enjoy seeing everyone express themselves through clothes, such a cool way to learn about a person and where they come from without saying one word 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post!


  6. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    OMG look at him! such a great model! striking that blogger pose perfectly! He has an amazing style! xx corinne

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    1. Corinne his style is effortless and inspiring for us, glad you enjoyed the interview!


  7. Olyvia says:

    If i were a guy this is exactly how i’d dress lol. you pick the most amazing people

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m really trying to make sure you guys stay interested in this new male series celebrating some really cool fashion bloggers 🙂


  8. Ok, first of all, he’s HOT!!! I like what he said about Instagram also. He’s right, people should step out of their comfort zone a little. I’m currently trying to do that, lol. He has good tips and fabulous style!! GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. It’s nice to learn from a fashion model’s perspective on style and confidence 😄 Glad you enjoyed this piece!


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