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Welcome to my new male blogger series: #StealHisStlye, which features interviews with some of my favorite fashion male bloggers who effortlessly add their sauce to the fashion industry. These bloggers are game changers and it’s time to give them the spotlight. Iconic and eclectic style is derived from numerous sources, let’s get inspired!  #StealHisStlye will show the evolution and diversity of male fashion and latest styles by trendsetting bloggers.

Chris Lane founder of Men’s Style Confidant shares fashion and lifestyle tips for men to access their styling potential. His attraction to fashion in not an appeal to specific brands or popular trends but rather the craftsmanship of each piece. The interest Chris has in the story behind the designer humanizes fashion into an art combining inspiration and creativity into one, which influences his personal style. Let’s dive into the mind of Chris a little bit more:

Photo Courtesy of Chris Lane / @mensstyleconfidant
Natonya: Hometown?

Chris Lane: Boston, MA

Natonya: Why did you start fashion blogging?

Chris Lane: I’ve always loved sharing my opinions, ideas and tips with others on topics I’m passionate about. But it took an assignment for an online digital marketing course that made pushed me to take the leap into blogging.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Lane / @mensstyleconfidant
natonya: Describe your go-to look.

Chris Lane: I like outfits where the garments look fairly basic by themselves, but look great when put together. A plain gray tee, jeans, black leather bomber jacket and a pair of Vans Sk8-Hi has become a go-to look of mine.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Lane / @mensstyleconfidant
natonya: What is your definition of fashion?

Chris Lane:  I think of fashion simply as the expression of self through the clothes and things we wear. It can influence the way we feel and the way others feel about us.  

natonya: Five words to describe your style.

Chris Lane: Clean, casual, classic, simple, functional.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Lane / @mensstyleconfidant
natonya: Who or where do you get fashion inspo?

Chris Lane: I used to get a lot of inspiration from celebrities like David Beckham and Zac Efron. I would see an outfit of theirs that I liked and adapt it to my own style.

natonya: Favorite designers/stores/brands.

Chris Lane: I gravitate towards a wide range of designers from heritage to streetwear companies. Alden New England and Neuw Denim are two of my all-time favorites.  

Photo Courtesy of Chris Lane / @mensstyleconfidant
natonya: Can’t walk out the door without wearing?

Chris Lane: My Shinola watch. I feel like a good simple watch can add so much character to an outfit. Plus, it keeps me on time.

natonya: What advice do you give someone trying to discover his or her style?

Chris Lane: Don’t feel like you have to conform to a specific look or trend. Wear what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. Your style will fall into place from there.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Lane / @mensstyleconfidant
natonya: What changes would you like to see in the fashion industry?

Chris Lane: Despite the digital shift stores are making, I’d love to see more brick and mortar menswear shops. There’s just nothing like being able to feel and try on what you’re about to buy.

For more lifestyle and endless styling tips, be sure to visit Men’s Style Confidant

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  1. Yizhang Yin says:

    like the words “fashion can influence others feel us”

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    1. Me too! Chris made some nice points 🙂


  2. I like his go-to-look and he has some great pictures! I agree, I would also like to see more Menswear shops! He has great views. Nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool! I like his views too. Thanks for commenting on my post Chanel 🙂


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