Holiday 2017 Family Gift Guide

Is it too early to Christmas shop? I think not! What do you plan buying your loved ones this season? Tired of giving ceramic mugs, the typical socks and ties or gift cards. In need of fresh new ideas for men, fathers or anyone in general? Hmmm… I think I have the list just for you…


NYFW: Chromat Caters to the ‘Everyday’ Woman

Fashion Week is a time to get ahead of the latest trends before the next fashionista. Fashion Week is also a chance to take a stance on issues and promote positive vibes through a high-profile platform. Check out Chromat’s latest influences…

How To Deal With Rejection

No, maybe next time, I’ll give you a call, we’ll see… all are phrases we hear knowing it will more than likely lead to rejection. How do we keep moving from a possible “NO” to a “YES” with a stronger attitude?

Style Watch: London Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has ended and now it’s time to see what is happening on the other side of the pond. YES! London Fashion Week has arrived, what will you wear? What designers and trends will captivate us this year? 

12 Ways to Get Inspired

Whether you’re a blogger, writer, musician, chef, fashion designer or artist running out of ideas in the creative field is inevitable but always becomes the pavement to discovering other strengths and creative adventures. How do you stay inspired, what are you tips and tricks?

Gucci Gets Soulful

One of the best aspects of fashion is what I like to call, “the recycled style method”. Fashion is constantly revolving and emerging into this poignant task of developing fresh new looks but whenever a designer gives us a history lesson from the past, it’s bound to make new waves. Transforming old school looks into modern styles is eclectic and genius. I’ve always appreciated designers who pay tribute to the originals of style by glamorizing various looks from previous generations.

Ashley Graham: The SUPER-ROLE Model

Ashley Graham is notably one of the biggest history makers in the fashion industry. Effortlessly shinning across covers such as Vogue and Sports Illustrated as the first curvy model is enough motivation to send us from the treadmills back to our full-length mirrors. Graham shamelessly embraces her curves and flaunts her vivacious spirit, a very special two-for-one deal when it comes to admiring supermodels.


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? As a woman, the media has conditioned our minds that beauty comes from certain clothes, cosmetic products, and the ability to attain a certain size. How do you define your beauty? What are your favorite qualities about being a woman? Men, what do you look for in a woman?

How To Develop Your Personal Style

Want a stylist approved signature look? We all want to be trendy and considered fashionable, am I right? We all know a person’s style can become iconic or legendary…but how do we reach that level?

Let It Go and You Will Grow

Personal growth comes from forgiving yourself and allowing mistakes to propel you towards a brighter future. To reach your full potential and live a mentally healthy lifestyle, it’s essential to let go of your past. Always remain inspired in all situations because everything happens for a reason…

DIY Lemon-Hemp Facial Scrub

Ok DIY queens, I have a new facial scrub for you! It’s spring and we need something fresh and bright for our skin. I really like that rich, sweet sour smell of lemons and they pair well with hemp seeds, let me show you how…

Lazy-Spring Cardigan

You wake up with a warm breeze blowing in your window,  you wash your face with your favorite cleanser, brush your pearly whites, eat a nutritious breakfast and realize spring 2017 is almost here! Time to let go of the wool coats, knitted sweaters and puffers. Yes! The time is coming for us to show our skin in all the right places, let our hair down and get sun-kissed.