When you look in the mirror, what do you see? As a woman, the media has conditioned our minds that beauty comes from certain clothes, cosmetic products, and the ability to attain a certain size. How do you define your beauty? What are your favorite qualities about being a woman? Men, what do you look for in a woman?


How To Develop Your Personal Style

Want a stylist approved signature look? We all want to be trendy and considered fashionable, am I right? We all know a person's style can become iconic or legendary...but how do we reach that level?


Let It Go and You Will Grow

Personal growth comes from forgiving yourself and allowing mistakes to propel you towards a brighter future. To reach your full potential and live a mentally healthy lifestyle, it's essential to let go of your past. Always remain inspired in all situations because everything happens for a reason...

organic- Lemon-hemp-facial-scrub-simply-untamed-natonya

DIY Lemon-Hemp Facial Scrub

Ok DIY queens, I have a new facial scrub for you! It’s spring and we need something fresh and bright for our skin. I really like that rich, sweet sour smell of lemons and they pair well with hemp seeds, let me show you how…

Lazy-Spring Cardigan

You wake up with a warm breeze blowing in your window,  you wash your face with your favorite cleanser, brush your pearly whites, eat a nutritious breakfast and realize spring 2017 is almost here! Time to let go of the wool coats, knitted sweaters and puffers. Yes! The time is coming for us to show our skin in all the right places, let our hair down and get sun-kissed.


Tales of the Heart

What is romance to you? How you define beauty in your partner? Everyday I'm inspired by what I see between two people and what I experience; those endearing situations help me discover romance.

Dream Act and Repeat

Blogging is a way to fantasize and escape. A platform to build relationships, hone your talents and exercise your creativity skills. I like blogging because it's self expressive and liberating.