No Resolutions, Just Goals 2018

BLOGGING GOALS 2018 I never make resolutions because I usually forget them the following month but I like to make goals. Whenever I make goals, I always see success. I guess when you hear the word “goals”, you feel empowered to get something accomplished. Last year, I lost my motivation to write but  it’s 2018…

Ashley Graham: The SUPER-ROLE Model

Ashley Graham is notably one of the biggest history makers in the fashion industry. Effortlessly shinning across covers such as Vogue and Sports Illustrated as the first curvy model is enough motivation to send us from the treadmills back to our full-length mirrors. Graham shamelessly embraces her curves and flaunts her vivacious spirit, a very special two-for-one deal when it comes to admiring supermodels.

How To Develop Your Personal Style

Want a stylist approved signature look? We all want to be trendy and considered fashionable, am I right? We all know a person’s style can become iconic or legendary…but how do we reach that level?