I Woke Up Feeling Like This: Small Lifestyle Changes

New Healthy Habits 2018 As the daylight plays peak-a-boo through my blinds, I woke up feeling like this…a desire for a fearful attitude and determination in accomplishing my goals for 2018 through a carefree lifestyle. I decided I’m doing things different. It’s important for me to stay focused. Last year, I had my head wrapped…

No Resolutions, Just Goals 2018

BLOGGING GOALS 2018 I never make resolutions because I usually forget them the following month but I like to make goals. Whenever I make goals, I always see success. I guess when you hear the word “goals”, you feel empowered to get something accomplished. Last year, I lost my motivation to write but  it’s 2018…

How To Deal With Rejection

No, maybe next time, I’ll give you a call, we’ll see… all are phrases we hear knowing it will more than likely lead to rejection. How do we keep moving from a possible “NO” to a “YES” with a stronger attitude?

12 Ways to Get Inspired

Whether you’re a blogger, writer, musician, chef, fashion designer or artist running out of ideas in the creative field is inevitable but always becomes the pavement to discovering other strengths and creative adventures. How do you stay inspired, what are you tips and tricks?


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? As a woman, the media has conditioned our minds that beauty comes from certain clothes, cosmetic products, and the ability to attain a certain size. How do you define your beauty? What are your favorite qualities about being a woman? Men, what do you look for in a woman?

How To Develop Your Personal Style

Want a stylist approved signature look? We all want to be trendy and considered fashionable, am I right? We all know a person’s style can become iconic or legendary…but how do we reach that level?

Let It Go and You Will Grow

Personal growth comes from forgiving yourself and allowing mistakes to propel you towards a brighter future. To reach your full potential and live a mentally healthy lifestyle, it’s essential to let go of your past. Always remain inspired in all situations because everything happens for a reason…

Dream Act and Repeat

Blogging is a way to fantasize and escape. A platform to build relationships, hone your talents and exercise your creativity skills. I like blogging because it’s self expressive and liberating.